About us

Art Studio Gallery dates back to 1994 when it was established in Veszprém, Hungary, the gorgeous provincial Town of Queens in the heart of Europe. At that time the gallerist, Tibor Pfitzner, immersed in the medium of graphic himself while acting as an agent for artists and galleries in the area. His attraction towards fine arts and high quality artworks motivated him to start his gallery to illuminate the talent of artists in the region for those seeking quality.

Pfitzner Tibor Owner of Art Studio Gallery

Our primary concern has been sales of the art works of outstanding emerging and mature contemporary artists of our region. Our mission is to suit the tastes of a wide spectrum of customers while maintaining a decent balance between the price range and the excellent quality the artworks boast. Our major activities include organizing individual and group exhibitions, exhibiting pieces at conferences or cultural events.

Endre Szász exhibition

Nearly 50 artists with sufficient experience of national and international exhibitions are represented in our current selection of artworks.

Our website provides insight into the paraphernalia of contemporary Hungarian pieces to all visitors attracted to arts.

Besides the present page our visitors are kindly requested to browse the full website and, in addition, to contact our gallery at our e-mail address or through our international representative for further offers and information.